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Cement performance impacts integrity of oil and gas wellsMRS BulletinDecember 2014pdf available upon request
Chromatography Method Measures Protein-Small Molecule InteractionsChemical & Engineering NewsOctober 14Link
Fracking Wastewater Could Encourage Formation of Toxic Compounds During Drinking Water DisinfectionChemical & Engineering NewsSeptember 23Link
Recovering Phosphorus From Animal ManureChemical & Engineering NewsAugust 25Link
Sugar Mimic Helps Embryonic Stem Cells Differentiate Toward Nerve CellsChemical & Engineering NewsJuly 28Link
Molecular computer calculates Ebola diagnosisChemistry WorldJuly 18Link
Science of hydraulic fracturing contains materials questionsMRS BulletinJune 2014pdf available upon request
Bandage Coating Kills Bacteria Using Graphene and Hydrogen PeroxideChemical & Engineering NewsJune 10Link
Fukushima Radiation Helps Scientists Model Future DisastersKUSP radioMay 30Link
Fukushima in FishKUSP radioMay 29Link
Testing our Radioactive CoastKUSP radioMay 27Link
UCSC data storage researchers tackle practical problemsUC Santa CruzMay 20Link
UCSC engineer focuses on assistive technology for people with disabilitiesUC Santa CruzMay 8Link
New program pairs alumni mentors with engineering undergraduatesUC Santa CruzApril 18Link
To Restore Elkhorn Slough, Ecologists Look to 19th CenturyKUSP radioApril 16Link
Shape-Shifting Scaffold Supports Growing Bone CellsChemical & Engineering NewsFebruary 13Link
Metal Organic Framework Used for Chiral ChromatographyChemical & Engineering NewsJanuary 13Link
Otters Help Protect Slough HabitatKUSP radioJanuary 9Link