Materials Research Society

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Scanning probe microscopy reveals nanoscale pathways for ion transport in a future energy storage materialMaterials 360 OnlineApril 14, 2016Link
Power-to-gas plants use renewable energy to make sustainable fuelMRS Bulletin March 2016Link
Strain engineering improves performance of phase-change memory materialMaterials 360 OnlineFebruary 17, 2016Link
Ceramic-matrix composites take the heatMRS Bulletin November 2015Link
Ceramics improve operating conditions of solid oxide fuel cellsMRS Bulletin March 2015Link
Research aims for cleaner crude from Canadian tar sandsMRS Bulletin March 2015Link
Cement performance impacts integrity of oil and gas wellsMRS Bulletin December 2014pdf available upon request
Science of hydraulic fracturing contains materials questionsMRS Bulletin June 2014pdf available upon request
Research on metal hydrides revived for next-generation solutions to renewable energy storageMRS Bulletin December 2013Link
Polymer Scaffold Organizes Engineered Knee CartilageMaterials 360 OnlineAugust 20, 2012Link